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100% Zero Sugar

As Aktaşoğlu, our adventure, which started with you with the desire to bring the purest and natural honey to your tables, is now meeting in Başakşehir, which adds value to life.

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Without sugar


About Honey

The only way to understand natural honey is to analyze it. The trick in honey; It cannot be understood from the taste, smell, price or appearance of honey. In the laboratory, which closely follows the technology, you can be sure of the naturalness of the honey together with the expert team.



Honey is beneficial properties

  • Allergic semptomları azaltır
  • skinIt heals, it is good for dandruff and itching.
  • Honey, it is prebiotic. Increases beneficial cells in the body.
  • Throatsoftens, good for cough.
  • It is antibacterial

100% natural and analyzed honey from Aktaşoğlu to your table


How to Tell Real Honey?

The quality of honey, untended and residue-free it's about being.

  • If the honey you add to warm water remains undissolved, it is real.
  • Real honey elongates when you put it on your spoon, if it stays on your spoon it is fake.
  • Real honey is sweetened.
  • It is real if the cream becomes buttery when kept in the refrigerator for a long time.

What are our customers saying?


I love your premium honey, I bought it with the recommendation of my friend, I am really satisfied. I wasn't sure, you misled me, thanks.


I have been in search of a beautiful, genuine honey for a long time. Glad I finally found this place. The taste and consistency of honey is really great. In addition, the attention shown as soon as you step into the shop is beyond excellent. It is a place I stop by every time I come to Istanbul from Antalya. Thanks for everything...


They sell very high quality both medicinal and breakfast honeys. Even diabetes patients can consume zero sugar, whose analyzes are also available. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.


Information About Honey

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