Wild (Chestnut) Honey 850 gr



%100 Güvenli Ödeme Alt Yapısı

Darbeye Karşı Tam Koruma Özel Paketleme

Hızlı Teslimat Aynı Gün Kargo


Wild Honey

Wild chestnut honey. It is a rare type of honey used by taking 1-2 dessert spoons in the morning and evening. It is completely additive free and the results of the analysis are sent to those who wish, just like our other honeys.

·         What is Wild Honey?

Due to its healing content, one of the important products of both import and export is honey. It is well known abroad as well as in our country that honey is healing and it has been approved by many medical works.

In addition, since the healing properties of honey are stated in the hadiths, Muslim countries prefer this food more and they want to have a healthier life by using this food, hoping that their illnesses will cure.

However, honey, which contains such healing ingredients, must be natural. Therefore, it is indispensable for people to consume genuine honey to benefit from it. As such, people try to learn various methods to find genuine honey.

Wild honey is very expensive, especially as it can cure diabetes and cancer. The production of wild honey, which provides great benefits to humans with its 100% zero sugar content, is also very difficult.

·         How to Understand Genuine and High Quality Wild Honey?

There are different methods to distinguish genuine honey from fake honey. The most reliable method is undoubtedly the analysis made in laboratories with technical materials and scientific methods. However, since not everyone has the opportunity to go to the laboratory, some people look for simple methods that they can apply themselves.

These simple methods are generally understood by observing the properties of honey. For example, features such as honey freezing at low temperatures, creeping over a long time and being confectionary are the signs that honey is genuine.

Real honey, which is easily discovered with these methods, provides people with advantages in terms of both health and money. Because people who know and apply this method do not fall into the traps of opportunists. Therefore, their expectations about health are met.

As Aktaşoğlu family,we tank you for your interest and wish you a healthy day.


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