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Son Honey

Raw Son honey is referred to by this name as it is produced by swarming bees. The group formed after the division of the bee colony is called swarm. Son honey is the first harvest honey obtained from this bee group. Since the bees of the colony are still young, this honey is higher in terms of enzyme value compared to other honeys. It is in the form of a cream as it is jarred in its raw form without any heat treatment.

We recommend that you consume it as a cream. If you mix 2 tablespoons of honey in a glass of warm water in the morning and drink it, you will feel the changes in your body within 10 days. Enjoy your meal.

·         What is Son Honey?

There are some foods that many people prefer because of the rich foods they contain and therefore seek solutions to health problems in a short time. Generally, when people are satisfied with the product they have tried, they recommend it to their environment and want them to benefit. One of these foods is honey. Honey takes different names according to the flower it is made from, and each type of honey contains different properties and is good for different ailments.

Son honey is very popular because it is produced by swarming bees and takes this name. Since the bee colony that produces this type of honey is quite young, it is richer than other species in terms of the enzymes it contains. This honey is in the form of a cream since it does not undergo any heating process. Therefore, this type of honey is also consumed in the form of cream.

Especially in the morning, two tablespoons of honey, which is recommended to be added to a warm glass and consumed in the morning, will allow you to see beautiful changes in your body in a short time. Therefore, since it is a food that can be a source of healing for your diseases in a short time, it can be easily consumed by everyone.

·         How to Understand Quality and Real Son Honey?

Choosing genuine honey has become increasingly difficult due to today’s opportunists. Because opportunistic people both use as little product as possible and make unfair profit by selling the honey they produce dearly.

That’s why people want to know how to distinguish genuine honey. Some other methods of distinguishing honey and its varieties, which can be distinguished in the safest way in laboratories, should be taken into consideration, such as observing honey at low temperature, controlling its creep rate, and whether it reacts with fire or not. For this reason, people can distinguish genuine honey more easily and do not suffer.

As Aktaşoğlu family,we tank you for your interest and wish you a healthy day.



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