Kaçkar Honey 850 gr


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Kackar Honey

You will taste premium quality with Rize Kaçkar honey, which has the unique taste and high quality coming from the Black Sea region …

  • What is Kaçkar Honey?

All types of honey are a panacea. This is true in numerous medical books, religious sources, and hadiths. Therefore, the types of honey whose healing is so clear and praised are frequently sought by people and the race to find real honey begins by people.

People show some efforts to find real honey because nowadays, many honey is made by adding sugar into it, so its natural essence is spoiled. Some people even use glucose and corn syrups, not sugar, to make honey, which is a healing store, almost harmful. People also look for a safe place and buy natural honey when they find it.

Kaçkar honey is produced by collecting the extracts of the Acacia tree, which is the natural vegetation of the Artvin region. Kaçkar honey is more expensive than other honey species because it is located 10 km away from the settlement Akasya, the plant where this honey is made, and is not exposed to human residues.

Kaçkar honey is known for its healing and protective properties on the nervous system. It has a feature of healing mouth sores, relieving lung diseases, relieving intestinal inflammation and waist pain, and removing skin blemishes. In addition, it is among the most preferred natural honey due to its feature that cleans the blood and strengthens the memory.

  • How to Understand Real and High Quality Kaçkar Honey?

Honey, which is healing for troubles, unfortunately loses its healing properties if it is not genuine. Therefore, finding real honey is very important. Because after giving that much money, people want the product they buy to benefit.

There are different ways to understand real honey, but the most reliable way is through laboratory analysis. However, people who do not have that time can understand with a few simple operations. For example, it is known that real honey does not burn under any circumstances, has properties such as freezing and sugaring at low temperatures, and has creep properties. In addition, the real honey from whichever flower is made has the taste of that flower and has a slightly bitter and bitter taste.

As Aktaşoğlu family,we tank you for your interest and wish you a healthy day.


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