Son Karakovan Honey (1200gr-1400gr)


%100 Güvenli Ödeme Alt Yapısı

Darbeye Karşı Tam Koruma Özel Paketleme

Hızlı Teslimat Aynı Gün Kargo


Son Karakovan Honey / kg

It is a natural honey created by collecting the flower extracts found in the natural vegetation of the Eastern and Southeastern region in a carved tree log or in a specially produced Karakovan without using any artificial wax. It is a high quality honey with its aroma and density.

·         What is Son Karakovan Honey?

It is a known fact that bees live as colonies. The young queen bee managing the bee colony and the young worker bees leave the colony in spring and establish a brand new colony for themselves. Bee colonies are formed by these young bees. This colony is colloquially called a son colony. The honey produced by the son colony in the first year is known as swarm honey.

The place where son honey grows is the wild flowers found in places where the cold climate prevails. The most important feature is that it grows in flat plateaus where there is no agriculture. With these flowers located in high altitude regions, a wonderfully delicious swarm honey formed without chemicals and additives emerges.

Son Karakovan honey is very different from other honey. The characteristic of the black hive is that the outer frame of the board where honeycomb honey will be made is left completely empty and it is allowed to be filled completely by the bees. Thus, there is no artificial wax residue between the honey and the wood, and the bees knit the waxes themselves, resulting in a product with 100% zero sugar.

·         How To Deal With The Real And High Quality Son Karakovan Honey?

Son of Karakovan honey; It is a honey that has little human intervention and is produced entirely by bees. Its most important feature is that it is a honey produced by bees without outside feeding. Karakovans where honey is produced are made of logs in old tree trunks that are completely in natural environments. These logs are placed in hives in the form of baskets, allowing the bees to produce natural honey.

Whether or not a honey is a real and high quality swarm Karakovan honey can be easily understood by paying attention to some issues. Real karakovan honey is dark colored. Fake honey is yellowish and light in tone. The consistency of genuine honey is dark, fluid and leaves a slight burning sensation in the throat. Also, contrary to popular belief, real honey is candied and freezes. The thing to do is to soak in sunlight or hot water for a short time.

As Aktaşoğlu family,we tank you for your interest and wish you a healthy day.


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