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Püren (Heather) Honey

Puree honey; The essence that bees collect from the flowers of the puree plant, a type of maquis, gives the honey a taste of cherry juice. Contains a different and pleasant taste. After Anzer honey, it is the most valuable and less productive honey. It occupies an important place in the European food industry.

Puree honey; It is known and recommended especially for fatty liver and urinary tract disorders. It is a high energy honey. It does not spoil, sore throat, or nap.

You can eat Puree Honey by rubbing it with a non-metal spoon on bread for breakfast in general.

·         What is Puree Honey?

Puree honey, which is prepared with essence collected from the flowers of the puree plant, a type of maquis, which grows spontaneously in the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Aegean and Thrace regions in our country, is special. Because the essence of the flower adds the flavor of cherry juice to the honey. This honey, which has a different and pleasant taste, is valuable because its production is very low. It takes its place among the most valuable low production honey after Anzer honey.

There are varieties of the puree plant that bloom in spring and autumn. Its flowers are purple and pink in color. It is important because it is a rich source of pollen and nectar for bees. Although the taste of this highly viscous honey is slightly bitter, it manages to be among the preferences of those who care about their taste.

Puree honey, which has an important place in the sweetener field in terms of the European food sector, has many benefits. It is generally used for breakfast by spreading it on bread. It will be healthier to choose a non-metal spoon while applying honey on bread. It is also preferred to sweeten foods such as cakes or pancakes.

·         How To Understand Real And Quality Puree Honey?

Honey, which is mostly used for liver fat and urinary tract problems, is also distinguished by its non-spoilage feature. In addition, the energizing aspect is very high. Its distinctive features are that it does not burn the throat and does not sugar while consuming. It can be said that a product making candies is not a real and high quality pureed honey due to its 100% zero sugar content. It is recommended to stay away from the candied honey.

Pureed honey is also helpful in relieving and preventing various diseases from infected and surgical wounds to burns and ulcers. Dark color and fluid consistency puree honey is produced in autumn. Although it is not known much among producers and consumers, this type of honey has a great value in terms of preventing diseases at the formation stage. This product, which is expensive due to its value, is the first choice of those who care about their health and palate.

As Aktaşoğlu family,we tank you for your interest and wish you a healthy day.


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