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Wild Thyme Honey

Thyme honey is one of the highly featured and medicinal types of flower honey. It is a transparent honey produced by the bees by collecting the essence of the pure thyme flowers, with oregano scent, transparent and sweet taste.

Wild Thyme honey; It is known to be good for liver, stomach, asthma and eczema diseases. Producers carefully sell this honey containing thyme nectar. The benefits of thyme honey are still being investigated due to the enzymes it contains. However, the known benefits are also many. It has benefits such as being breathtaking, softening the breast, cleansing the lungs, especially in smokers. It is a honey that is especially recommended for those with colds, cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, eczema, stomach disease.

     What is Wild Thyme Honey?

Honey is a type of food often recommended by both alternative medicine and religious scholars. As a matter of fact, when the content of honey is examined, it is seen that the extracts collected from many medicinal plants come together, and many hadiths say that honey is healing and should be consumed.

However, today many opportunists make the honey they sell in markets from water, sugar and sweeteners. In other words, almost none of the medicinal herbs that we can find in normal honey are present. In this case, it would be wrong to seek healing from such honey. Therefore, people are now in search of natural honey. As a result, natural honey producers can get great opportunities.

Wild Thyme honey, on the other hand, is very healing like all other types of honey and contains useful herbs. The taste of wild  thyme honey produced by bees by collecting the essence of pure thyme herbs is bitter and gives the taste of thyme.Wild Thyme honey is good for various stomach ailments, eczema and liver diseases. It is often preferred because it has breath-opening properties and especially for smokers, it cleans the lungs.

      How to Understand Real and Quality Wild Thyme Honey?

As it is known, honey is a healing food that is formed by the processing of some pollen by bees in their body. In fact, although some people say that they can distinguish honey according to its color and smell, the only method that can be understood whether honey is genuine is laboratory analysis.

Another method demonstrated by the manufacturers is that real honey does not burn, but fake honey does. In essence, in today’s world where fake and real honey can be mixed, real honey buyers have exactly a healing store and real honeys have 100% zero sugar content. Those who want to get healing by eating honey should follow the genuine producers and order the type they want from here.

As Aktaşoğlu family,we tank you for your interest and wish you a healthy day.


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