Black Honey 850 gr



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Black Honey

Our Black Honey is both high quality in terms of analysis values ​​and delicious in taste. It is recommended to be consumed for fatty liver. It is a wonderful honey with a unique flavor, preferred by gourmets and recommended as our most delicious honey.

  • What is Black Honey?

Black honey, which is produced in the natural environment and presented as one hundred percent pure, is the honey produced by bees from a kind of resin and flowers in tree cavities, unlike other honeys. The way black honey is produced by bees is very interesting. Bees, which produce honey from flower nectar by visiting flowers throughout the summer, head to tree hollows when they cannot find flowers.

The creatures living on the tree feed by eating the sap of the tree. The remaining part is thrown out as sweetish. This substance, on the other hand, attracts bees, causing them to settle in tree cavities and produce tree honey from this sweet substance, which is a kind of resin. So, in a way, Black honey is the joint production of living things in trees and bees.

  • How to Identify Real and Quality Black Honey?

People are researching how to understand genuine honey in order not to be a victim. There are various opinions on this subject. These methods, which are primarily based on the observation of honey, are quite simple and can be easily performed by many people. First of all, real honey, which freezes in the cold and is sweetened, has the property of creep. In addition, real honey that does not react with fire does not burn. It helps people whether black  honey, which can be easily understood with a few simple methods like this, is genuine.

As Aktaşoğlu family,we tank you for your interest and wish you a healthy day.


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