Royal Jelly 100gr


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Royal Jelly 100 gr

Bee milk; It is a honey bee product with a very high nutritional value and biological activity, which young worker bees secrete from the pharynx and lower jaw glands and use it to feed young larvae and queen bees. Bee milk; It has a light cream-bone color, mushy, jelly consistency, sharp, sour taste and odor. The main ingredients of royal jelly are proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Royal jelly specific fatty acids, especially 10-HDA, are beneficial compounds that give royal jelly its cell regenerative property and many biological active properties, and they give royal jelly an extraordinary structure. Due to this special composition, royal jelly has an important place in APITERAPI, which is defined as the use of bee and bee products in the treatment of various diseases.

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·         What is Royal Jelly?

Royal jelly is a 100% natural product that has emerged as a result of the development of the beekeeping business in recent years. Although its taste, amount and consistency vary according to the region and shape of the production, it is generally produced in cream color, jelly consistency and in small amounts. Because royal jelly production is quite laborious, contrary to known honey and pollen production. There are long periods of field maintenance and the bees to produce royal jelly are limited.

Efficient production is provided by natural and grafting methods, but it has a very sensitive production. Moreover, in a production year (5-6 months) only 250 to 500 g of royal jelly can be obtained on average. In this respect, royal jelly is a product that must be scrutinized and touched frequently for the producer. However, Aktaşoğlu bee products successfully pass all these stages and offer you 100% royal jelly.

·         How to Understand Real and Quality Royal Jelly?

Beekeeping industry now is in an active state in many regions of Turkey, it is also possible to find counterfeit products until you find quality products. But it is not difficult to understand the real and high quality ones like our royal jelly. First of all, since royal jelly is obtained in small quantities, if it is sold in very large packages, there may be a fake. Moreover, the cost of royal jelly sold in large packages will be unaffordable for both the producer and the seller.

In addition, royal jelly is one of the most expensive products in the beekeeping industry. Therefore, you should never buy cheap royal jelly. If the product you bought is too watery or solid enough not to flow, additives may have been included. Finally, royal jelly is a very sharp product in terms of smell and taste. It is not recommended to use products with poor odor and taste.

Due to these risks, you should only buy royal jelly from Aktaşoğlu, not from another company. You can visit our site for real, high quality and healthy royal jelly!

As Aktaşoğlu family,we tank you for your interest and wish you a healthy day.


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