Pervari Honey 850 gr


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Pervari Honey

These quality honeys produced in Pervari region of Siirt province, like other approved honeys, have been established in the region where there is a lot of plant diversity. The difference from other honey is that it is grown in knitted baskets or black hives. Basic honeycombs are placed inside the beehives, not artificial. The basic honeycomb that bees fill is also formed by bees. This triggers healthier honey production.

Pervari honey notorious all over Turkey with a honey flavor varieties consumed in the Ottoman palace. This honey, which is seen as a source of healing by most people, will originate from the sap of the trees in the region, which is light yellow in color compared to other honey.

  • Pervari Honey Healing

Pervari honey, which is known to be good for liver, heart, indigestion, intestine, stomach, blood pressure, blood circulation and vascular occlusion, has shown itself in alternative medicine. It is known that cleansing the trachea helps facilitate breathing among people who smoke tobacco. In addition, it is known that it is good for sexual problems with its aphrodisiac effect.

Everyone can consume Pervari honey, which attracts people with its taste. However, excessive consumption can cause side effects such as increased sugar and fever, as in any food. Therefore, it is recommended not to consume too much.

  • How To Tell If It Is Real?

Pervari honey is lighter in color compared to other honey. As with all real honey, when you keep it in the refrigerator for up to a month, it will turn into butter. Therefore, keep your honey at room temperature. Real honeys do not have an expiration date and can last for years.

Honeys with an expiration date contain preservatives to extend their shelf life, but this is not the case with real honey. When there is 100% zero sugar in our honey, you will not have a sugar problem. When you put your honey in hot water, it immediately mixes with water, but this is proof that it is made from sugar syrup because real honeys are high in density and do not dissolve in water immediately.


As Aktaşoğlu family,we tank you for your interest and wish you a healthy day.


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