Macahel Honey 850 gr


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Macahel Honey

Macahel Honey is a completely natural taste with a bitter flavor. It is one of our honey that you can consume for breakfast or a daily teaspoon for healing purposes.

·         What is Macahel Honey?

Unique honey from the foothills of the Caucasus mountains. The Macahel region, located on the border of our city of Artvin, has been approved by UNESCO that there has never been a change in its ecosystem at our border with Georgia. This region is rich in rhododendron, blackberry, chestnut and macahel trees. There are multiple types of trees at altitudes ranging from 550 meters to 2200 meters.

Among these beautiful trees, the Macahel trees, which give the region its name, have very attractive pollen for bees. There is 100% zero sugar for this honey obtained from the beautiful mountains of the Caucasus. The honey, which is purified from the honeycombs formed by the extracts collected by the bees one by one from the trees, reaches your table in high quality. It has a paler color and a bitter taste since it is obtained from tree extracts than other honeys.

·         How Do You Understand The Quality Of Our Honey?

Our honey produced with 100% zero sugar is absolutely natural honey. As you can see from the colors of honeys sold in the markets, the color of fake honey is lighter than the real ones. In addition, the consistency of real honey is darker and thicker than fake honey. The flavors of honey made from real flower essences are sharper than the flavors of honey produced with sugar syrups. When you taste a spoon, you will experience a slight burning sensation in your throat. This sensation is the sharp taste that comes from flower pollen.

As Aktaşoğlu family,we tank you for your interest and wish you a healthy day.


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