Mountain Honey 850 gr



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Mountain Honey

It is the honey of the hives brought to the most virgin springs of Eastern Anatolia. It is our honey that you can prefer for breakfast, which is obtained from flowers at an altitude of 2000 m. It is a completely pure and natural type of honey that you can consume safely.

·         What is Mountain Honey?

Mountain honey is honey that bees produce around the mountain without human factor in the natural environment. Since it is produced from the flowers of the mountain and its surroundings, the taste of honey is not like other honey, a much higher quality honey is produced. In addition, since there is no human contribution in mountain honey, honey is produced as 100% zero sugar and this ensures its quality.

Since it is produced in the plateaus and mountains at an altitude of 2000 meters in Eastern Anatolia, the flowers found there are not the same with other places. In addition, bees using thousands of flowers instead of certain flowers increase the quality of honey and create a completely unique taste. It is very difficult to collect this completely pure and natural honey. The higher the balsa taste, the better it will be.

Mountain honey can have a unique quality since they are close to natural water sources away from environmental pollution due to the places where they are produced. It consists of thousands of flowers and wildflowers found on mountain slopes and springs, unlike honeys in fixed flavors of certain, uniform flowers like other honeys. You can easily consume it because it is completely pure and natural.

·         How to Tell the Real Mountain Honey?

Mountain honey should be produced at high altitudes. A true mountain honey should be 100% zero sugar. At the same time, real mountain honey is produced in the Eastern Anatolia Region. The altitudes of places where mountain honeys are produced should be 2000 meters and more. If you have the possibility to taste honey before you buy it, you can easily understand its taste as mountain honey should be 100% zero sugar.

If you have any doubts while buying mountain honeys, you can understand from here. Since mountain honey is produced without human touch, its quality and taste will show itself from the first taste. With the benefits of real mountain honey, you can easily buy it for yourself and your environment.

As Aktaşoğlu family,we tank you for your interest and wish you a healthy day.


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