Premium Honey 850 gr


%100 Güvenli Ödeme Alt Yapısı

Darbeye Karşı Tam Koruma Özel Paketleme

Hızlı Teslimat Aynı Gün Kargo


Premium Honey

It is our premium quality honey, which you will appreciate very much, with the amount of enzyme and the delicious aroma from the flowers it contains.

·         What is Premium Honey?

Thanks to its healing storage feature, honey is a food that is present at breakfast tables every morning from past to present. However, as can be understood from the cheap prices of honey purchased from the markets today, it is not natural content, because in general, the honey in the markets contains glucose and corn syrup instead of 100% zero sugar. These kinds of harmful contents also harm people, let alone provide healing.

However, some honeys sold today under the name of natural honey also contain the supplements mentioned and therefore are no longer natural and do not benefit people sufficiently.

Premium honey is a bit more expensive than other honey varieties. Because it contains more enzymes than other types of honey. And this type of honey has a very good taste due to the rich flower types it contains. Premium honey, which heals all kinds of problems people suffer from, as in other honeys, decorates many tables.

·         How to Understand Genuine and Quality Premium Honey?

As in almost every field, there may be some natural problems in honey trade. So much so that the honey that some sell as natural products is not natural. In this case, people have paid large sums in vain. People who want to get rid of this victimization want to learn the methods of distinguishing genuine honey.

Real honey, which can be understood most reliably with the analysis made in the laboratory, can be understood by a few simple methods that any person can do.

For example, real honey can be easily distinguished from other honeys as it creeps long. Apart from that, unlike fake honeys, real honeys freeze and nap when they get cold. The fact that today’s fake honey is not like this is due to the additives included in it. Genuine honeys, which can be easily distinguished by the methods mentioned, leave people satisfied as they are healing stores.

As Aktaşoğlu family,we tank you for your interest and wish you a healthy day.


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