Karakovan Strained Honey 850 gr


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Karakovan Strained Honey

Honey is one of the most valuable and important nutrients in terms of health for humans from past to present. Many different types of honey are also produced in our country. Honeys made using different methods are separated among themselves. Karakovan honey is one of the demanding and demanding honey varieties produced in our country. Karakovan honey, which is highly preferred by customers, is very beneficial for human health.

These honeys, which contain 100% zero sugar, are completely naturally sweetened with the work of bees and take their present form. Karakovan honey is a very valuable and difficult to find type of honey. Unfortunately, there are many different vendors who deceive people and want to gain unfair profit. If you do not pay attention to these sellers, all the money you will give will be wasted.

         How To Understand The Real And High Quality Karakovan Strained Honey?

Understanding whether honey is of good quality is a really challenging task. Although this situation can be learned by studying in scientific environments in general, we can give you some clues about whether the honey you will buy is of good quality. Karakovan honey is generally collected at the end of September. The price of this type of honey, which is very expensive per kilo, is around 650 TL. Karakovan honey, which is quite intense compared to other honeys, contains a very thick and dark color compared to fake honey.

When you take Karakovan honey with the help of a spoon and start flowing, its fluidity should continue continuously. Otherwise, the honey you buy may be fake. Karakovan honey, which you can understand by looking at its taste, leaves a small burning sensation in your nose. This leaves more effect than other honeys. If you see that the honey is candied when you put it in the refrigerator after you buy it, the honey you buy is real Karakovan honey with 100% zero sugar. If you want to restore a candied honey, it will be enough to keep it in the sun for a while. This process, which should not be kept excessively long, will restore your honey to its old form.

As Aktaşoğlu family,we tank you for your interest and wish you a healthy day.


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