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The quality of honey is related to its integrity and residue-free. Honey that is pure and does not contain any residue can be described as high quality. The approach that flower honey or pine honey is of better quality is wrong.

If the honey you add to warm water remains undissolved, it is real.
Real honey elongates when you put it on your spoon, if it stays on your spoon it is fake.
Real honey is sweetened.
It is real if the cream becomes buttery when kept in the refrigerator for a long time.
If the honey you put on a paper towel is not absorbed, it is real honey.
Real honey freezes in cold weather.
When it is eaten in excess, it causes a slight burning in the nasal cavity, which shows that honey is real.
Real and pure honey is fire resistant; fireproof.
Although the clues we mentioned above give an idea about whether the honey is real or not, the most accurate detection can be determined by laboratory analysis.

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