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What is Ginseng?

The ginseng plant, which belongs to the Ivy family, grows especially in the Northern Hemisphere and East Asia. The Latin name for ginseng, “panax”, means “complete recovery”. Also known as mandrake because of its roots resembling the human body, ginseng is referred to as the “root of immortality” in traditional Chinese medicine, thanks to its miraculous effects on health. It takes 4 to 10 years to harvest ginseng, which is a slow growing and long-lived plant.

Asian-Korean Ginseng (Red Ginseng):This species, which grows in Korea and China, is known as “panax ginseng”. This species, which turns red as a result of the processes, stands out with its energizing feature. For this reason, this type is especially preferred in skin care.

How to Use Ginseng?

Ginseng, which is similar to ginger in structure because it is a root plant, is usually used by slicing and drying. This herb is also available in the market as capsules, powder and root extracts. Ginseng, which is generally used in the form of tea in Asia, is widely consumed in the form of beverages or capsules throughout the world. In the cosmetics industry, it is mostly used as creams made with powder or essence.

What Are the Benefits of Ginseng?

The most prominent feature of ginseng in the field of health is that it gives energy to the body. In this way, ginseng, which prevents fatigue and weakness, also revitalizes the skin in the same direction. Ginseng, which cleanses the body from toxins as well as the skin, helps to strengthen the immune system. However, for this, it is very important to use products containing this plant regularly both on the body and on the skin.
One of the newly discovered properties of ginseng is that it strengthens the mind and eliminates the lack of concentration. Ginseng, which balances the adrenaline level of the body and thus acts as a stimulant, also strengthens the nervous system. This plant, which also offers a solution to sugar and bad cholesterol, helps prevent cancer with the ginsenosides it contains. In addition, when consumed as a tea, it helps weight control by restraining appetite.

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