Forest honey 850 gr


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Forest Honey

While flower honey is obtained by bees collecting nectar from flowers; Secretory honey is obtained by bees converting the secretions on trees (pine, oak, etc.) into honey.

Benefits of Forest Honey:
It accelerates the healing process in diseases such as colds, flu and flu. It also plays a major role in curbing the cough quickly. It supports the body not only against common and relatively simple diseases such as flu and cold, but also against diseases such as gastritis, bronchitis and pharyngitis.

How to Identify Real and Quality Forest Honey?

Forest honey, which is consumed with pleasure and accepted as a source of healing, is the most admired secretion honey of the Black Sea region. Since it is produced depending on the seasonal temperature and rains, it is considered one of the rarest honeys. Forest honey, which has a unique smell and aromatic taste, is a honey that is considered a source of healing.
Real and high quality forest honey is one of the rare honeys available as raw honey. Therefore, it is very normal for honey to crystallize. Honey, which is completely natural, does not contain any additives and does not add any extra sugar to the body with its 100% zero sugar rate. It is necessary to search for the most reliable place for forest honey, which is healing for many diseases.

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