Special Selection 850 gr



%100 Güvenli Ödeme Alt Yapısı

Darbeye Karşı Tam Koruma Özel Paketleme

Hızlı Teslimat Aynı Gün Kargo


Special Selection Honey

A special selection for breakfast and healing, filled with the extracts of endemic flowers, obtained from the highest regions of Eastern Anatolia and Southeastern Anatolia. It is a type of honey that you cannot give up with its unique taste and special flavor. It is generally obtained from special flowers that reach 2500 m altitude. It is light in taste. It is light enough for both our little ones and adults to consume. It is a delicious honey that you will feel the scent of thousands of flowers on your palate.

·         Special Selection Honey

When we are sick and cold, we usually turn to foods and drinks that will warm us. To cure the simplest sore throat, we immediately mix honey into hot milk and drink it. However, it has become very difficult to find quality honey today. There is a lot of fake honey production in the industry due to people who do not do their job well.

Special food dyes to match its color, honeycombs that do not come from greenhouses, sweeteners and added sugars reduce the quality of honey considerably. People want to eat real honey with confidence. You can consume honeys of special quality that you can eat for your children, elders and diabetic parents with peace of mind.

·         How Do We Know That Special Selection Honey is Real?

Honey obtained in places above 2000 altitude and honeys at lower altitudes are not the same. Honey obtained at high altitudes rich in endemic plants is always of the highest quality. There are many ways to understand the reality of honey, the simplest way is to see if the honey has been cut while you take it on your spoon and pour it into a bowl. If honey is cut from the spoon you spilled, that honey is not real. Genuine honey should flow continuously as it flows from the spoon. This is the biggest proof that honey is not made of sugar.

As Aktaşoğlu family,we tank you for your interest and wish you a healthy day.


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