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Bingol Honey

Bingöl honey is the product of all sorts of flowers such as agave, thyme, clover, and honeybee. Bingol Mountains, 109 are endemic to Turkey, it grows about 1,000 species of wild flowering plant species. Of these, 7 species of agave and wild plum are among the prominent honey plants of the region. Bingöl honey is mainly compiled from honey obtained from flowers that grow naturally in the high plateaus of Bingöl. It has a clear appearance, sharp and lasting taste, and the scent of different flowers. It is one of the most special honeys to be consumed in breakfast. In 2017 the World Beekeeping Congress (Apimondia) Turkey 1 side, a calf was winning World 2.

·         What is Bingöl Honey?

As everyone knows, honey is formed by the pollen in flowers. Bees produce their special honey from those pollen extracts and store them in combs. The biggest factor affecting the production of special and high quality honey is the variety of flowers the bee puts on and the natural environment it is in. The more pollen your bee collects from different flowers, the better quality and natural honey will come out.

The reason why it is called Bingöl honey is that the variety of flowers in Bingöl is high and beekeeping is very developed in our city. Since there will be thousands of flowers at high altitudes, bees collect different pollens and the taste of honeys varies with each flower. The quality of Bingöl honey has been proven second in a world famous competition.

·         Is Bingöl Honey Real?

Unfortunately, as with all types of honey, fake Bingöl honey is also available in the market. Your job is getting a little more difficult, especially since it is a highly preferred type of honey. Darker honeys are real honeys, but today this color is also obtained with food coloring, so it is not possible to understand in the store.

Another method is that honey, cream or butter consistency, which you keep in your refrigerator for a month, is an indication that honey is a genuine honey. You can test your honey using these methods.

As Aktaşoğlu family,we tank you for your interest and wish you a healthy day.


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