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Although the freezing time varies depending on the type of flower and plant it is obtained from, real honey freezes. This is due to the presence of pollen and plant nectar in it. Glucose-added honey, on the other hand, does not freeze and can be sugared after a while. Honey is also heat-treated to prevent sugaring. Real honey has a very specific, light, essential scent. This smell can be more intense when cutting the honey, opening and closing the storage container. Real honey is not overly sweet. It has a distinctive, dark, viscous flavor. (Honey is more fluid in hot summers and more viscous in cool weather) When real honey is taken into the mouth, a few types of flavor are taken. However, honey with glucose has a uniform taste. The color of real honey may vary depending on the flora of the region where it is produced. Depending on the density of the plant and flower obtained, honey can be in many different colors from white to black. Different tones can occur in the honeycomb texture. Honey obtained by feeding the bee syrup is usually a single color (unless food coloring is added to the syrup).

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