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As Aktaşoğlu Bal Gurmesi, we are now in Başakşehir, adding value to our adventure that started with you. We make a difference with our understanding of service in the food industry, which is a very sensitive industry. We always give priority to nature.
Honey is the rarest manifestation of the relationship between man and nature that has lasted for years. Honey is as indispensable food as soil and water in human life. Proceeding from this awareness, we offer the best quality honey to our valued customers.
We aim to bring honey to the fore in the Turkish shopping sector with our pure, natural, organic and healing honeys from more than 40 types. Our honey that makes a difference with its aromatic quality and nature, is of a rare quality in the market.
We make the finest quality honey from every region in our geography ready for sale by going through analysis and analysis at least twice while maintaining sanitary conditions. You can find rare honey with us even that is not found in others. The most healing honey, a natural shield against diseases, is waiting for you.
We guarantee that you will always be satisfied with your shopping with us.
Customer satisfaction comes first to us. In addition to our honey varieties, our blends that can be considered by-products, royal jelly, special pollen, propolis, pollen, etc. We also have sales.
These products which are widely used in alternative medicine are natural, pure and organic products like our honey, these products that will contribute to our health development and personal growth are stored in hygienic conditions.
The authenticity, taste and quality of our honey is far above the market and at very reasonable prices.
We thank you on behalf of the Aktaşoğlu family
We wish you healthy days.

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