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Forest Plus Honey

Our Forest Plus Honey is a high quality honey in terms of analysis values. Insomnia vs. It is recommended for consumption. It is a wonderful honey that has a unique flavor and is preferred by many people.

What is Forest Plus Honey?

Orman Plus honey is actually the most extraordinary honey you’ve ever heard of.
This honey, which bees obtain from flowers that usually have purple and shades of purple, but yellow and white colors can be seen in different species, is widely produced in our country where the Black Sea climate is dominant, especially in the Eastern Black Sea Region.
Its taste leaves an aromatic taste in the mouth compared to all other honeys we know. Although many different types of honey are sold in the market as forest honey, a real forest plus honey can be recognized by its color as well as its taste. Because again, this honey has a darker color and a slightly reddish brownish color compared to all the honeys you know.

How to Identify Real and Quality Forest Plus Honey?

Forest plus honey is very different from other honeys in terms of both appearance and taste. These honeys, which have a thick consistency and a dense structure, have a unique appearance. Forest plus honey, which is dark caramel in color, has a very aromatic and throat-burning structure compared to normal flower honeys. This is because it contains much less glucose and fructose.
In addition, the best place to buy genuine forest plus honey should be researched and purchased from a reliable place.

As Aktaşoğlu family,we tank you for your interest and wish you a healthy day.


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